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Nanopool eth claymore

nanopool eth claymoreMining Clients. We recommend to use Genoil or Claymore clients as they have build-in stratum support, better DAG-files handling and higher hashrate with most of. Claymore's Dual Ethereum+Decred_Siacoin_Lbry AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner - nanopool/Claymore-Dual-Miner.

Latest version is v You can use your own straps or use "-strap" option, you nanopool eth claymore get boost anyway. See Readme for additional information. Linux version: removed libcurl library dependency.

Nanopool eth claymore

Latest version is v9. Improved ETH speed for some Nvidia cards. Improved speed in dual mode for Nvidia cards. EthMan: added ability to select several rigs. EthMan: several minor bug fixes and improvements. Therefore "-di detect" and "-gmap" options are not necessary and not supported anymore. Nanopool eth claymore fixed issue with lost connection to some rigs.

EthMan: added password for webserver. EthMan: added separate settings for nanopool eth claymore event. EthMan: added "retrigger" option for lost connection event. Effective hashrate must be a bit higher now. EthMan: added notification for too high fan speed.

Included EthMan v3. EthMan: added ReasonID parameter to. Use them if you get best speed at "-dcri 1" i. Use "-asm 0" if you don't want to use new assembler nanopool eth claymore.

NOTE nanopool eth claymore speed peak can be rather short, so change "-dcri" value slowly.

Nanopool Vs Ethermine

Be careful, power usage is higher too. A lot of minor improvements and bug fixes. Latest version v8. EthMan: added option for font color selection.

Mining Ethereum with Claymore – What you’ll need

Latest version v7. Note: root access is required to manage fans speed. EthMan: added options for skrill login problem of decimal points in displayed nanopool eth claymore. Note that latest Ethereum-only mining mode is supported as well.

Supports both AMD and nVidia cards, even mixed. No DAG files. Supports all Stratum versions for Ethereum: can read article used directly without any proxies with all pools that support eth-proxy, qtminer or miner-proxy.

Supports Ethereum and Nanopool eth claymore solo mining. Note: not all Stratum versions are supported currently for Siacoin. Supports Stratum for Lbry.

Displays detailed mining information and hashrate for every card. Nanopool eth claymore remote monitoring and management.

Nanopool eth claymore

Supports Ethereum forks Expanse, etc. Windows and Linux versions. You can get very bad results for different drivers version, or miner can fail on startup. For nVidia cards, Decred is mined without developer fee.

If you don't agree with the dev fee - don't use this nanopool eth claymore. Recent nVidia videocards are supported as well. There are builds for Windows x64 and for Linux x64 nanopool eth claymore on Ubuntu No bit support.

Only Stratum protocol is supported for pools. Miner supports all pools that are compatible with Dwarfpool proxy and accept Ethereum wallet address directly. Also worker name and other options if pool supports it. Pools nanopool eth claymore require "Login.

Worker" instead of wallet address are not supported directly currently, but you can use "-allpools 1" option learn more here mine there. You can also set this option for every card individually, for example "-etha 0,1,0".

Default value is 8, you can decrease this value if you don't want Windows to freeze or if you have problems with stability. The most low GPU load is "-ethi 0".

ethOS pool

Also "-ethi" now can set intensity for every card individually, for example "-ethi 1,8,6". You can also specify negative values, for example, "-ethi ", it exactly means "global work size" parameter which is used in official miner.

To avoid it, miner reserves a bit larger GPU buffer at startup, nanopool eth claymore it can process several epochs without buffer reallocation. This setting defines how many i am satoshi miner must foresee https://obzortovar.ru/address/bittrex-bitcoin-address.html it reserves GPU buffer, i.

Default nanopool eth claymore is 2. Note that if devfee mining pools will stop, entire mining will be stopped too. Therefore for this mode it is recommended to specify current Ethereum epoch or a bit larger valuefor example, "-allcoins 47" means that miner will continue reading DAG size for epoch 47 and will allocate appropriate GPU buffer at starting, instead of reallocating bigger GPU buffer may crash when it starts devfee mining.

Another option is nanopool eth claymore specify "-allcoins -1", in this mode miner will start devfee round immediately after start and therefore will here current epoch for Ethereum, after that it will be able to mine Ethereum fork.

Nanopool eth claymore

If you mine Expanse, the best way is nanopool eth claymore nanopool eth claymore "-allcoins exp", in this mode devfee mining will nanopool eth claymore on Expanse too and DAG won't be nanopool eth claymore nanopool eth claymore all.

Default value is ms. Default value is "1", set "-erate 0" if you don't want to send hashrate. Default value is "1", set "-estale 0" if you don't want to send stale shares. If prefix is missed, Stratum is assumed. Lbry: only Stratum is supported. Use "-di detect" value to detect correct GPU order for temperatures nanopool eth claymore requires non-zero "-tt" option ; note that nanopool eth claymore will not work properly nanopool eth claymore you do not want to assign all GPUs to miner.

Nanopool eth claymore

It serializes GPUs initalization routines. Use "-gser 1" to serailize some of routines and "-gser 2" to serialize all routines. nanopool eth claymore

Download Mining Clients

Default value is "0" no serialization, nanopool eth claymore initialization. You can set this mode for every card individually, for example, "-mode " will set mode "1" for first and third GPUs 0 and 2. Possible options are "-dcoin nanopool eth claymore, "-dcoin sc", "-dcoin lbc".

Default value is "dcr". You can also codecanyon tutorial values for every card, for example "-dcri 30,50". Default value is 5 seconds. Default value is 30 minutes, set zero if there is nanopool eth claymore main pool. Default value is "-wd 1", it enables watchdog, miner will be closed or restarted, see learn more here option if any thread is not responding for 1 minute or OpenCL call failed.

Specify "-wd 0" to disable watchdog. For example, "-r 60" - restart miner every hour or when some GPU failed.

Claymore Miner Tutorial v15.0

So you can create "reboot. After restart, miner will append new log data to the same file.

Nanopool eth claymore

If you want nanopool eth claymore clear old log data, file name must contain "noappend" string. If missed, default file name will be used.

Nanopool eth claymore

Reduces mining intensity, useful if your cards are overheated. Note that mining speed is reduced too.

More value means nanopool eth claymore heat and mining speed, for example, "-li 10" is less heat and mining speed than "-li 1".

You nanopool eth claymore also specify values for every card, for example "-li 3,10,50".

Nanopool: Setting a Mining Pool in 2020

Default value is "0" - no https://obzortovar.ru/address/what-is-my-bitcoin-address-on-cash-app.html intensity mode. Supported values are 0, 1, 2, continue reading, more nanopool eth claymore means lower intensity.

Example: "-lidag 1". You can also specify values for every card, for example "-lidag 1,0,3". Default nanopool eth claymore is "0" no low intensity for DAG generation.

Nanopool eth claymore

For example, "-tt 80" means 80C temperature. You can also specify values for every card, nanopool eth claymore example "-tt 70,80,75". Specify zero to disable control and hide GPU statistics. Specify values

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