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Bitcoin core address type

bitcoin core address typeInvoice address · P2PKH which begin with the number 1, eg: 1BvBMSEYstWetqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2. · P2SH type starting with the number. A new -addresstype argument has been added, which supports legacy, p2sh-.

getnewaddress (0.16.0 RPC)

Transactions from the wallet or RPC are not affected. Relative paths will be prefixed by datadir location. In addition, unused mempool memory is shared for this bitcoin core address type see -maxmempool.

Bitcoin core address type

Relative paths will be prefixed by a net-specific datadir location. This allows the pruneblockchain RPC bitcoin core address type be called to delete specific blocks, and enables automatic pruning of old blocks if a target size bitcoin core address type MiB is provided.

Wallet changes

This mode bitcoin core address type incompatible with -txindex and -rescan. Warning: Reverting this setting requires re-downloading the entire blockchain. When in pruning mode or if blocks on disk might be corrupted, use full -reindex instead.

Bitcoin core address type

This option can be specified multiple times to add multiple nodes. This option can be specified multiple times to just click for source to multiple bitcoin core address type.

Local perspective bitcoin core address type time may be influenced by peers forward or backward by this amount. Incoming connections are not affected by this option. This option can be specified multiple times to allow multiple networks. Can be specified multiple times.

Bitcoin address

Whitelisted peers cannot be DoS banned Wallet options: What type of addresses to use "legacy", "p2sh-segwit", or "bech32", default: "p2sh-segwit" -avoidpartialspends Group outputs by address, selecting all or bitcoin core address type, bitcoin core address type of selecting on a per-output basis.

Privacy is improved as an address is only bitcoin core address type once unless someone sends to it after spending from itbut may result in slightly higher fees as suboptimal coin selection may result due to the added limitation default: 0 -changetype What type of change to use "legacy", "p2sh-segwit", or "bech32".

Can be specified multiple times to bitcoin core address type multiple wallets. To bitcoin core address type logging to file, set -nodebuglogfile -shrinkdebugfile Shrink debug.

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