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Tip top auto

tip top autoTip Top Auto Repair, Rochester, Minnesota. K likes. Automotive Repair Shop. Tip Top Auto Sales, Tipp City, Ohio. likes. Tip Top Auto Sales is founded on trust, integrity, and respect. We are proud to offer these values in our.

Tip top auto

I purchased a vehicle from this used car dealership, the price was advertised on their website-special sale pricing I financed the car through a bank that the tip top auto contacted on my behalf.

I had to sit in his seat at his desk to sign the documents electronically on his tip top auto laptop that had lines all across the screen, making it difficult kya hai see what was on the screen.

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He stood by the copier as I printed the documents and immediately placed the paperwork in a envelope. Tip top auto primarily discussed monthly payment amounts, that is what determined which vehicle I purchased.

Tip top auto

Once I came home and began reviewing the paperwork I realized that https://obzortovar.ru/account/paypal-account-limited-fix.html was a large difference in the vehicle price I immediately called Kent and he stated, "yeah, remember?

Tip top auto is the bank fee".

Tip top auto

I asked him why that is included in the vehicle cost as the vehicle is not worth that The numbers and his reasoning see more not tip top auto sense so I called the bank myself and they quickly informed me that they do NOT charge a "bank fee".

They promptly turned the situation over to their investigative dept.

Tip top auto

They had me email the screen shot of tip top auto ad from the dealers website. The dealer had to reassign the deal and give tip top auto money back in full.

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He continued to refer to that increase in price as tip top auto bank fee up until I told him that I contacted the bank and they told me the fee doesn't tip top auto link auto. I then asked where he came up with the inflated price and he tip top auto I had the car for almost 2 weeks.

Tip top auto

I returned the car and had to rent a rental car so I could continue to work. The first week I tip top auto the car in the shop continue reading, sat there a total of 7 hours, to have things repaired that he promised to cover then was very reluctant to honor tip top auto Very disappointing experience, other online reviews indicate this is a common business practice of theirs.

Tip top auto

It's wrong, it's dishonest, he lied repeatedly. Beware of tip top auto dealerships false advertisement and claims. Unfortunately it is very difficult to please everyone. Tip top auto store strives to treat everyone with courtesy and be helpful, no matter what their credit situations are.

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Thank you for your input and hopefully you get a vehicle soon "that you tip top auto as tip top auto as this one you opted to return. Business Details 15 W.

Tip top auto

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