- 15.02.2020

Telos wallet account

If you do not have a Telos or EOS account then start here. Below are instructions for creating a free Telos account manually using the official Telos Sqrl wallet. SQRL is the official wallet of the Telos network and currently the easiest way to create an account and dive in, Telos Wallet handles both mobile and desktop!

How to create new FIO and Telos address on Tribe Wallet and link on EcoinOfficial

Install and run the software Once installed and running you should see this window. The first thing you need to do is to connect to the server.

Create Blockchain Wallet Account

Just press the button labeled "Connect telos wallet account Server. After this, you will be presented with the window below.

Free Telos Account Creation Tutorial - SQRL Wallet

Click on the button labeled "Create New link to proceed.

Ripple logo transparent next window will ask you to telos wallet account the Account name.

There are certain conditions to create one, please read carefully to make a valid Account Name. Telos telos wallet account account the account name is not telos wallet account the program will alert you.

Telos Wallets

After this, Click on the refresh buttons to generate the Owner and Active Public key. Finally, click on telos wallet account button for the next section 6.

The next screen will look like this. This is the part of the setup where you need to copy the Keys.

Telos (TLOS) Account Creation Options

When you try to paste it on a note pad it looks like this. Make sure you remember this as there is no way to recover them like the private keys above.

Input it and confirm the password in the next window. To proceed you need to click on the "Save Account" which will then bring you to source telos wallet account below.

All read article need to do here now is accept the user term agreement. You can telos wallet account more tokens if you invite people telos wallet account the platform.

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