- 15.02.2020

Localbitcoins account hack

localbitcoins account hackThe hackers would then collect the user's login details along with the two-factor authentication (2FA) codes, if the account was protected by 2FA. P2P marketplace LocalBitcoins has experienced a hack on its chat client, outlining how the intrusion took place through its LiveChat account.

Localbitcoins account hack

LocalBitcoins Forum Disabled According to a thread which appeared on Reddit earlier today, popular P2P bitcoin trading platform LocalBitcoins has been subjected localbitcoins account hack a phishing attack. LocalBitcoins localbitcoins account hack posted the following announcement: We would like to inform localbitcoins account hack today Outgoing transactions were temporarily disabled while we investigated localbitcoins account hack case.

Localbitcoins account hack

We were able to identify the problem, which was related to a feature powered by a third party software, localbitcoins account hack stop the attack. At the moment, here are determining the correct number of users affected — so far six cases have been confirmed.

localbitcoins account hack

Localbitcoins account hack

For security reasons, the forum feature has been disabled until further notice.

Https://obzortovar.ru/account/steam-account-value-inventory.html localbitcoins account hack have already been re-enabled and we have taken a number of measures to address this issue and secure the limited number of accounts that might have been at risk.

Localbitcoins account hack

Your LocalBitcoins accounts are currently localbitcoins account hack to log in and use — we encourage you to enable Two-factor authentication, if you have not yet. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Apparently, this visit web page happens if the user is already logged in.

Localbitcoins account hack

Localbitcoins account hack to the user, the URL represents a phishing site which has localbitcoins account hack 2FA codes sent to the hacker, enabling him to empty their accounts. According to the thread, withdrawals on the platform have been disabled.

LocalBitcoins Hacked By Unauthorized Source

He revealed that 0. The receiving address is already up to 7.

Localbitcoins account hack

It remains unclear whether this is this is the actual or the only address of the hacker. Last year, the P2P trading platform safecoin multiple accounts because of new EU privacy laws.

Localbitcoins account hack

Have you experienced anything localbitcoins account hack using LocalBitcoins in the last few localbitcoins account hack Let us know in the comments below!

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