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Hdac technology official

hdac technology officialThe RIZON platform, developed and provided by Hdac Technology, aims to be a decentralized platform that meets a variety of needs required in the. PRNewswire/ -- Blockchain company Hdac Technology ("Hdac"), founded by Hyundai BS&C CEO Dae Sun Chung, announced its new PoS.

Hdac technology official

This data reliability issue that occurs when trying to source and deliver data from hdac technology official the blockchain off-chain and use it for computations inside the blockchain on-chain is called The Oracle Problem.

A smart contract processes click automatically if predefined condition s are fulfilled, which means the hdac technology official delivered to an on-chain smart contract to hdac technology monero prediction 2019 it about click conditions must be credible.

Since many contract conditions are based around off-chain data and events, the Oracle problem is said to be the biggest obstacle in commercializing smart contract technology.

Hdac technology official

In order to overcome the Oracle Problem, Hdac has entered into a partnership with Chainlink. Chainlink is an open-source smart contract technology that provides decentralized oracle solutions to hdac technology official enterprises including Google, Oracle, and SWIFT and leading smart contract development teams.

Hdac technology official

The decentralized oracle middleware solution of Chainlink removes central points of failure by verifying off-chain data using an aggregation of multiple validating partners that both attest to off-chain hdac technology official and deliver data to the on-chain smart contract.

Essentially, it connects existing legacy systems to emerging hdac technology official networks without having to remake hdac hdac technology official official infrastructure.

Hdac technology official

Thanks to the technical partnership with Chainlink, Hdac is now able to hdac technology official technology official data integrity for blockchain-based DApps and IoT services and will develop various real-life use cases utilizing verified off-chain data.

Any question or recommendation would be welcome on Telegram! There will be more updates and events announcement on the Medium blog hdac technology official the Hdac community.

Hdac technology official

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