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I will make this and simple and interesting as possible, because when I first wrote on witnesses some months ago, I had no idea how complicated https://obzortovar.ru/2019/legit-telegram-mining-bot-2019.html definition of a witness was until I went through the research article about three times over.

Being a witness is not a joke and before I begin to make it sound like the calculation for the amount bitgigs to blow bitgigs a solar system I have bitgigs idea what I just saidI will give an understandable definition of bitgigs in my on words.

Bitgigs you still don't get that, I will understand, took me a while too to bitgigs. Imagine you have a this web page that has to be maintained every three months or at bitgigs certain bitgigs, well a witness can be likened to the mechanic who bitgigs and keeps your car in optimal state.


bitgigs I will spare you the talks bitgigs nodes and bitgigs and all that and https://obzortovar.ru/2019/800-satoshi-berapa-rupiah.html I said, make it easy to understand. Of course they get paid as I am sure you are wondering, but the stress involved deserves them getting a bitgigs pay.

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If you are also wondering why you need bitgigs witness around, think of it this way: To bitgigs governance, you need to elect office holders, so to get excellent service here, you need to vote for amazing witnesses.

By rating and satisfaction I do bitgigs mean bitgigs many times they chat with you or bitgigs your messages bitgigs all bitgigs because bitgigs are super busy https://obzortovar.ru/2019/btc-prediction-2019-december.html or bitgigs windows 10 forum technet that way and an idle witness is not a good sign, trust me.


That does not mean they might not eventually bitgigs you or chat with you, but it should not be a basis for your judgement, rather their input bitgigs the development of the community should be placed first. Now that I have told us that anyone bitgigs not everyone can become witness, let us talk about the business at hand.

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Below is bitgigs snapshot and written list of witnesses I vote for: abitaggroedarcangeausbitbankblocktradesboatymcboatfacebusy. I must be bitgigs, my first encounter with him was through a post I wrote and arcange mentioned him and voila he appeared and left a comment.


I was amazed, since then I started monitoring well not in the stalking wayhis progress. He has been going bitgigs and beyond for the community and bitgigs got bitgigs lot of bitgigs nicks doing his job, which of course only fueled his drive the more.

Beginners Guide to Bondage Play

He went ahead to lend support to the minnowsupport project by aggroed and has been supporting bitgigs since then.

I must admit, I took bitgigs look at bitgigs blog and got scared bitgigs his avatar, but I realized there was more to him than that in due time, he bitgigs this way of doing his duty and not even complaining about it.

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As a minnow myself, I know I can be annoying even to myself and I err a lot, he is among the few people who knows how to be blunt and bitgigs you the truth without compromise.

He can found lurking bitgigs the Peace Abundance Liberty network on discord, the Steemit In Nigeria group on bitgigs bitgigs others Scammers and spammers tremble at the mention of ausbitbankand he leaves no stone un-turned in doing his duty.


He bitgigs the villain to the villains and a hero to the heroes of this ecosystem. Don't get me wrong, I have gotten his dark side before and he still showed me his good side, all in all, he got my vote.

At least I am very sure that bitgigs is fast becoming a trend of it's own, but sadly, I am not here to talk bitgigs the tag, I am here to talk about the brain behind the tag. He is a fairly new, but amazing witness and he has been making bitgigs.

Before this,he was a simple, quiet and nice guy bitgigs simply liked mentoring the bitgigs generation of stars on this platform. bitgigs

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I remember a time when I felt clueless on this platform and he actually helped me find my feet well, him and a host of others, but the point is bitgigs was among.

Back then he bitgigs not steemgigs to me, he bitgigs simply a friend if bitgigs who had a different name and someone whom I always tried in vain to bitgigs he laughed at my jokes, although Bitgigs cannot remember cracking any that was funny or maybe he laughed and never admitted.


He is the patient type, always willing to answer people especially minnows, and he never complains bitgigs it. I must admit, he is among the few https://obzortovar.ru/2019/build-a-bitcoin-mining-rig-2019.html I have never successfully annoyed bitgigs maybe I did and he simply shrugged it away, perhaps I will bitgigs that out some day.

Bitgigs is also amazing and deserves your votes.


bitgigs I was not paid to do this, I am only doing my steemit duties as bitgigs you. Do not hesitate to vote your witness es today. Bitgigs can vote for your witness here Edit: Since steemgigs is outside the top 50 witnesses, here is how to vote for him: go to the dogecoin 2019 free page and scroll down to the place where you'll see link you bitgigs to vote bitgigs someone outside the top 50, please click here.

Vote today Leave your thoughts and bitgigs Image was gotten from pixabay Bitgigs to elyaque for the badge and son-of-satire for the generic footer.


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