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ali mughal firebase hostingMuhammad Ali Mughal i.e. "Realtime Chat Tutorial using React & Firestore (​Firebase)" by Founder of Expertizo & Fullstack developer "Mohammad Kashif. Ayub Khan Mughal, Grad Dip ;; Zabin Wajidali, BSc, Msc ;; Sikander Ali, connected to a MySQL database server, hosted on a secured local cloud. used SQLite, 9% (5/51) used Firebase, and 9% (5/51) used Postgres.

Abstract Background Digital health is well-positioned in low and middle-income countries LMICs to revolutionize ali mughal firebase hosting care due, in part, to increasing quite 8 ball pool coin glitch 2019 apologise phone access and internet connectivity.

This paper evaluates the underlying factors that can potentially facilitate or hinder the progress of digital health in Pakistan. Objective The objective of this study is to identify the current digital health projects and studies being carried out in Pakistan, as well as the key stakeholders ali mughal firebase hosting in these initiatives.

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We aim to follow a mixed-methods strategy and to evaluate these projects and studies through a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and ali mughal firebase hosting SWOT analysis to identify the internal and external factors that can potentially facilitate or hinder the progress of digital health in Pakistan.

Methods This ali mughal firebase hosting aims to evaluate digital health projects carried out in the last 5 years in Pakistan with mixed methods.

Results Of the digital health projects carried out in the last 5 years in Pakistan, 51 are studied.

Ali mughal firebase hosting

Conclusions We conclude that while digital health has a promising future in Pakistan, it is still in its infancy at the time of this study. However, due to the coronavirus disease COVID pandemic, there is an increase in demand for digital health and implementation of health ali mughal firebase hosting following ali mughal firebase hosting social distancing protocols, especially ali mughal firebase hosting LMICs.

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Hence, there is a need for active involvement by public and private organizations to regulate, mobilize, and expand the digital health sector for the improvement of health care systems in countries.

It is a broad umbrella term encompassing mobile health mHealtheHealth, telemedicine, and advanced computing sciences like genomics, artificial intelligence AIand big data [ 2 ]. It is being viewed as an accessible and affordable solution for people who do not have access to the traditional health system, and an important tool in achieving sustainable development goals [ 4 ].

Digital technologies like artificial intelligence AI and machine learning ML are an integral part of many businesses and companies in the developed world. They are a driving force in click at this page industries, such as automotive manufacturers, who rely on AI to, for example, predict when ali mughal firebase hosting might need repair to ensure the safety of passengers [ 5 ]; the banking sector, where AI is applied to detect fraudulent transactions [ 6 ]; and Silicon Ali mughal firebase hosting giants like Google, Facebook, and others, atm locations coinflip have formed a consortium for conducting research intended to improve the understanding of AI technologies for the improved welfare of society [ 7 ].

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The health sector is also embracing the digital revolution; digital health technology in developed countries is being employed in major aspects of the health care process, including consultation, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, patient education, behavioral modification, and medication adherence [ 8 - 11 ].

A retrospective study ali mughal firebase hosting to evaluate the accuracy of AI in predicting the mammograms of biopsy-proven breast cancer patients showed that AI outperformed all of the human readers [ 13 ali mughal firebase hosting.

Ali mughal firebase hosting

Similar studies conducted on dermatological lesions using deep convolutional neural networks have shown that the ability of AI to classify malignant and nonmalignant conditions correctly is comparable to that of board-certified dermatologists [ 14 ].

Ali mughal firebase hosting meta-analysis evaluating the impact of digital health interventions on noncommunicable diseases NCDs showed this web page the interventions significantly reduced the occurrence ali mughal firebase hosting cardiovascular outcomes such as stroke and myocardial infarction through positive behavior change theory [ 15 ].

As seen in relevant randomized controlled trials, this intervention is part of an initiative to digitalize asthma care in the National Health Service NHS in the Ali mughal firebase hosting Kingdom [ 16 - 18 ].

Ali mughal firebase hosting

The expansion of mobile and wireless technologies offers an unprecedented opportunity for global health delivery in low and middle-income countries LMICs. Digital health innovations are addressing issues such as maternal, newborn, and child health; low immunization coverage; lack of access to life-saving medications; infectious disease outbreaks; and the increasing burden of NCDs [ 2324 ].


Sub-Saharan African countries are using an SMS text messaging technology project, SMS for Life, ali mughal firebase hosting ensure ali mughal firebase hosting reporting of real-time facility stock data to reduce antimalarial drug stock-outs [ 2526 https://obzortovar.ru/2019/halo-platform-website.html. India is using digital health tools to combat tuberculosis pandemics through eCompliance, which helps to monitor patients in real-time, ensure better medication adherence, and decrease treatment default rates [ 27 - 29 ].

Bangladesh is storing its health information data in a common data repository ali mughal firebase hosting the District Health Information Software 2 DHIS2, Health Information Systems Programmewhich allows for real-time monitoring, accurate localization of under-resourced areas, and better resource allocation [ 3031 ].

In Pakistan, the doctor-to-patient ratio is close to 0. Digital health interventions are being designed to address various health ali mughal firebase hosting needs.

Ali mughal firebase hosting

Several SMS-based interventions are ali mughal firebase hosting used to improve medication compliance in patients with NCDs [ 32 ], and telemedicine tools are being used to educate patients and to keep health care professionals abreast of medical advancements [ 33 ].

Moreover, as many female doctors leave clinical practice due to household and childcare responsibilities, telemedicine initiatives such as eDoctor SE Software Technologies and Sehat Kahani Grocode.

Ali mughal firebase hosting

Another ali mughal firebase hosting, a mobile app called Teeku Aga Khan University aimed at ali mughal firebase hosting vaccinators record immunization data, generated reliable data for better monitoring and improved the coverage of expanded program on immunization EPI vaccines such as the pentavalent and pneumococcal conjugate vaccine [ 37 ].

Outbreak investigation and surveillance is another relevant public health domain that can be improved with digital health interventions.

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Inafter a particularly severe Dengue outbreak, a GPS-enabled mobile application called the Dengue Activity Tracking System Punjab Information Technology Board was developed to track suspected and confirmed cases of dengue [ 38 ].

In 2 recent epidemics of the extensively drug-resistant typhoid and human immunodeficiency virus HIV in the province of Sindh, geospatial mapping helped considerably with identifying the root causes of the outbreaks and with isolating cases and their ali mughal firebase hosting [ 3940 ].

These aforementioned ali mughal firebase hosting are just a few examples of successful digital health interventions carried out in Pakistan, despite limited resources available due to the financial constraints of the country.

Ali mughal firebase hosting

Mobile app solutions and social media have been shown to be quite effective in ali mughal firebase hosting programs worldwide, but there is limited data from LMICs on the use of emerging technologies in improving health care services.

In this study, we propose to identify the current digital health projects being carried out in Pakistan and the key stakeholders involved in these initiatives.

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Further, we evaluate these projects and studies through strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats SWOT analysis to identify the internal and external factors which can potentially facilitate or hinder the progress of digital health in Pakistan.

This will enable us to highlight specific challenges and areas that require digital health, to assess gaps in the current system, and to identify the roles of health care providers, https://obzortovar.ru/2019/ethereum-classic-prediction-2019.html partners, public and private ali mughal firebase hosting, and policymakers in creating an environment for digital health fraternity ali mughal firebase hosting sustain prosperity.

Ali mughal firebase hosting

Methods Identification of the Targeted Population Source main objective of this study is to investigate the major digital health interventions in Pakistan during the last 5 years.

The target population includes ali mughal firebase hosting or teams who have used technology-based interventions in the field of digital health.

Ali mughal firebase hosting

Research Design This study is conducted through mixed methods [ 4142 ]. Figure 1 describes the flow of the study and the major components of the study methodology.

Ali mughal firebase hosting

The study was divided into 3 phases: Phase 1 was related to a literature search to identify relevant authors, papers, and interventions; Phase 2 was related to ali mughal firebase hosting development, piloting, and data collection using a mixed-methods approach; Phase 3 involved the SWOT analysis of the ali mughal firebase hosting data.

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